The following classes have been added to the Saturday timetable and are now available to enter via the website.

In Hand Classes: Judge: TBC
Class 130: In Hand Riding / Show Pony
Class 131: In Hand Hunter Pony
Class 132: In Hand M&M
Class 133: In Hand Horse
CH 48: In Hand Championship (classes 130, 131, 132,133)

Performance Jumping (first phase only) Judges: TBC
Class 134: Ponies Performance 50cm
Class 135: Ponies Performance 70cm
Class 136: Ponies Performance 80cm
Class 137: Horses Performance 70cm
Class 138: Horses Performance 90cm
Class 139: Horses Performance 1m

CH 49: The Performance Championship will take place during the Saturday Evening Performance (classes 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139)

Open Working Hunter Judges: TBC
Class 140: Intermediate Working Hunter (90cm)
Class 141: Horse Working Hunter (90cm)
Class 142: Pony Working Hunter (70cm)

CH50: Open Working Hunter Championship (classes 140, 141, 142)