Northern Ireland Festival – 22nd to 24th April 2022


1). SHOW GROUNDS – open on Thursday 21st April from 1pm until 7.30pm – Please get your stable numbers upon arrival from the stable managers office – The restaurant and bar will be open on Thursday. The restaurant will also be open for breakfast, snacks and meals throughout the weekend.
2). SHOW OFFICEfor collection of competitor numbers, late entries, catalogue sales and general enquiries
Opening hours:
Thursday – 1300 to 1600
Friday – 0730 to 1700
Saturday  – 0730 to 1700
Sunday  – 0700 to 1600
3). CATALOGUE ENTRIES close 31st March – late entries can be made at the show providing the class is not full but they will cost £5 more. Change of entries can be made providing the horse / rider combination is the same for a nominal charge of £5 (£10 at the show) – Catalogues are available from the show office.
4). COMPETITOR NUMBERS – should be collected from the Show Office when you arrive. Numbers are issued by the name of the horse / pony – so please ensure you remember what was put on the entry form. The animal has the same number for all classes entered. Competitor Numbers must be worn at all times whenever riding or leading a horse or pony. It is an insurance requirement. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification from all classes
5). WORKING HUNTER COURSE – Competitors must not jump, walk or enter the arena until instructed to do so by a show official. Anybody found in the arena without permission will be disqualified from all classes. Competitors must declare to the gate steward before the start of their class.
6). FESTIVAL WORKING HUNTER FINALS – The top 10 for each Festival working hunter final will qualify for the Evening Performance where final placings will be decided. The show office will display a list of the top ten competitor numbers in no particular order. Those who do not attend the evening performance will not be placed.
7). EVENING PERFORMANCE COLLECTING AREA – Absolutely no spectators or animals are allowed in this area unless directed by a show official. This is an insurance requirement.
8). STALLIONS – People showing a stallion must wear a red ribbon on their arm or a visible stallion plaque on the animal.
9). PRIZE MONEY is paid for classes with five or more catalogue entries. The number of entries will dictate the number of places money is paid to. Competitors should claim prize money by taking their rosette and horse passport to the show office – We cannot pay out any prize money unless you have both your rosette and horse passport. ALL PRIZE MONEY MUST BE CLAIMED AT THE SHOW – NO PRIZE MONEY WILL BE POSTED AFTER THE SHOW
10). RESTAURANT, BAR AND SHOWERS are all available on site. Please observe the quiet time between 11pm and 7am.
11). DOGS must be kept on a lead at all times. Dogs not on a leash will be lifted by the local dog warden who will charge for it’s return.
12). CYCLES are not permitted anywhere within the show grounds.
13). RULES – Please make sure you are familiar with the rules of the classes you intend to enter. Full details are available on the NIF website. It is your responsibility to ensure you meet the criteria of the classes you are entering. Fence heights and animal specifics can be found on the NIF website.
14). TIMETABLE – Only the ring start time is published. All classes will then follow on. It is your responsibility to be at your class on time. We cannot hold classes in the event of a clash or if you are late. The public address system will give out information on ring progress.
15). STABLES – All 500 stables at Cavan Equestrian Centre have sold out.
16). HEALTH AND SAFETY – These regulations are for the safety of all of us and an insurance requirement. Please ensure you comply with them.