Class 19, the Ladies Side Saddle will be a Classical Ladies Side Saddle Qualifier for the 40th National Side Saddle Show on 7th – 9th August 2020 at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Buckinghamshire, England.

Open to SSA Adult Members and Non-members, aged 18 and over on January 1st of the current year, riding side saddle, on horses exceeding 148cm (14.2hh). To be judged 25% conformation and action, 25% manners & way of going, 25% rider, and 25% turnout of horse & rider, by a SHBGB, BSHA, BSPS, P(UK) or SSA Panel Judge. Judges may request a short show, but will not ride exhibits; horses will not be stripped.  Traditional habits must be worn. Fancy Dress and Period Costumes NOT permitted. Competitors must wear a hat to current Safety Standard or above. Judges are requested to use the mark sheet provided. The highest placed horse/rider combination qualifies for the Final to be held at the National Side Saddle Show. In the event of previous qualification, this may be passed down to fourth place. Special rosettes are offered by Mrs T Mitchell & Mr L Mitchell to the winner and if the winner has already qualified, a second rosette is awarded with the Qualification Card. Qualifying combinations are required to become Full Members of the SSA 21 days prior to the National Side Saddle Show or as soon as possible if qualified after that date to be eligible to be eligible to compete at the Final. Combinations qualifying between one National Side Saddle Show and the next may carry forward the qualification, for that year only.

The highest placed Riding Horse, Hack (not exceeding 160cm), Cob or Hunter, Mare or Gelding, 4 years and over, ridden by a SSA Adult Member qualifies for the current year’s BSHA Championship Show “The Broadband & Phones” Ladies Show Horse Championship and if already qualified the ticket will go to the next highest placed horse down to 5th place. Combinations qualifying after the current year’s BSHA Championship Show may carry forward the qualification, to the following year. SSA Members who qualify for The Ladies Show Horse Championship, will not be required to join the BSHA in order to compete in any Side Saddle class at the BSHA National Championship Show. If the BSHA Championship Show entries have closed at the time of qualification, competitors will not be charged a late entry fee for the Championship.