Please Note: Refresh your browser for updates – Class in Bold is in progress. This service is for indicative purposes only – it remains your responsibility to get to the ring on time for your class.


Class 104: Open Ridden 122cms Show Hunter Pony

Class 105: Open Ridden 133cms Show Hunter Pony
Class 106: Open Ridden 143cms Show Hunter Pony
Class 107: Open Ridden 153cms Show Hunter Pony
Class 108: Open Intermediate Show Hunter Type Pony
Class 109: Open Intermediate Show Riding Type P

RED RING (9am)

Class 92: Lightweight Hunter
Class 93: Middleweight Hunter
Class 94: Heavyweight Hunter
Class 95: Small Riding Horse
Class 96: Large Riding Horse
Class 97: Lightweight Ridden Cob
Class 98: Heavyweight Ridden Cob
Class 99: Maxi Ridden Cob


Class 404: Festival 90cms Working Hunter Horse
Class 405: Festival 1m Working Hunter Horse
Class 406: Festival 1.10m Working Hunter Horse


Class 305: HOYS Working Hunter Horse Qualifier


Class 111 Ridden Connemara & New Forest
Class 112: Open Ridden Welsh Section C & D
Class 113: Open Ridden Welsh Section A & B
Class 114: Open Ridden Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland
Class 115: 128cms Open Ridden Show Pony
Class 116: 138cms Open Ridden Show Pony
Class 117: 148cms Open Ridden Show Pony
Class 118: Open M&M Lead Rein
Class 119: Open M&M First Ridden
Class 120: Connemara Ridden – Rider Under 16 years
Class 121: Connemara Ridden – Rider Over 16 years


Class 411: Festival Cradle Stakes Working Hunter Pony
Class 412: Festival Starter/Nursery Stakes Working Hunter Pony
Class 413: Festival 133cms Working Hunter Pony
Class 414: Festival 143cms Working Hunter Pony
Class 415: Festival 153cms Working Hunter Pony