1). Ponies / Horses / Riders / Owners that are resident in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland and are competing in the HOYS qualifiers at NIF DO NOT need to belong to any of the HOYS approved societies.

2). Should you qualify for the Horse of the Year Show at the NEC in October, Ponies / Horses / Riders / Owners will need to join one of the HOYS approved societies (NPS, Ponies UK, The Showing Register or BSPS for Ponies – British Show Horse Association (BSHA) for Horses) within ten days of qualification.

3). If you qualify for the Horse of the Year Show at the NEC in October your animal will also need a current / valid JMB height certificate prior to the final.

4). If you plan to enter either a Pony or Horse HOYS Qualifier at the Northern Ireland Festival, you will need to obtain a HOYS user id number from http://www.grandstandentries.com/preregister.aspx – these are free of charge and only take a few minutes to organise. There are no society membership requirements. NIF staff can assist if need be.

5). We will take Horse of the Year Show qualifier entries at the show. However they will be more expensive.

6). The Horse of the Year Show Working Hunter Qualifiers fence heights are:

133cms – 75 to 90cm
143cms – 85 to 100cm
153cms – 90 to 105cm
Intermediate – 100 to 115cm
Horses – Max 114cm