NIF 2017 will host two training classes / clinics by ‘The Showing Register’ on Friday 21st April
– Entry will be £10 and limited to 20 per class –
Classes are open to everyone and the judge/trainer will give feed back to the exhibitor during the class. Each class will be run on the following format: Enter the ring and go round as a class (the go round may be split for example First Ridden’s & lead reins will do a separate go round) riders will line up in any order. One Trainer/judge will give feed back on individual shows whilst the second trainer/judge will cover presentation, in hand technique etc.
Classes will not be placed, it is non competitive but everyone will receive a rosette.
Entries will be limited to 20 per class
Class 148 Ridden Pony – ANY TYPE inc M&M not exc 153cms, rider any age to be suitably mounted. Lead Reins allowed.
Class 149 Ridden Horse – 153cms & over, any type, rider any age. Will not be ridden by a judge. Riders will do an individual performance.
Get Talent Spotted!!
Ellie McDonnell and Lara Kelly from Ireland were spotted and selected for the TSR Master Class at HOYS!
Could it be you next?
The Showing Register will be talent spotting from the Training classes for the TSR Master Class Training Pathway. You could find your path to the TSR Showing Master Class at HOYS.
To be eligible for Talent Spotting riders must be 8 years old and riding OFF the lead rein PLUS an Amateur (as per TSR definition). If the rider is a Junior the parents must be classed as an Amateur.
Riders and Ponies/Horses MUST not have qualified or competed at Horse of the Year Show in 2014,2015,2016 (inc 2017)
TSR will notify riders if they have been talent spotted for the Pathway in the ring.