We want to see your best moves!

Join in the NIF Hobby Horse competition prior to the Saturday Evening Performance at ‘NIF 24’
Gold Ring at 6.30pm
Free to Enter – Simply pick up a number from the show office on SATURDAY
This is for fun only but there will be lots of prizes.
Open to everyone, even the big kids who should know better!!
The NIF committee want to see your best moves to the ‘Galway Girl’ theme tune
Show us your canter, gallop, trot and dressage moves.
We will also have a small jump in the arena for those looking to impress with their jumping ability (but we know not all horses can jump – so it isn’t compulsory).
Class may be split if numbers are sufficient.

If you don’t have a hobby horse, don’t worry. You can always use a brush or a (clean) shavings fork instead.