We are committed to making NIF 2023 as efficient as possible for competitors. In order to reduce waiting times at the show office, we have created a much faster system for those intending to make a late entry.
1). We would encourage those making a late entry to do it in advance using the online late entry form.
2). Those making a late entry PRIOR to the show will not need to collect a late entry slip as details will be updated on our database and circulated to the ring stewards.
3). The online late entry system will be available until midnight on Sunday 23rd April. It will then be switched off and we will issue a list of late entry animals and their competitor numbers.
4). These numbers will be available for collection when you arrive at the show.

You can make a late entry at the show office using either cash or card. You will need to collect a late entry slip and hand it to the ring steward.
To make this process easier, the late entry system will be back online from Thursday 27th April. This will allow you to make your late entry online and pay by card. Then simply pop into the show office to pick up your late entry slip.